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How can AI improve your campaign marketing?

We bring insights from artificial intelligence together with proven creative strategies to help our clients run successful marketing campaigns.

Our solutions greatly improve your campaign performance.

We use artificial intelligence and social data to see into the future.

Providing invaluable insights on response and conversion.

Helping you launch risk free marketing campaigns.

Executed with thousands of rapid iteration pre-campaign market tests.

Quick pre-launch turnaround— 2 to 4 weeks before your campaign.


It has been our pleasure to work with the excellent people at Hilton Tokyo Odaiba. A stunning view of Tokyo Bay, amazing facilities, and regular, exciting events make it a perfect example of what is possible in preparing for campaign excellence.

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Case Study


ispace actually IS rocket science. While they prepare for a 2017 moon voyage, we are preparing them for an international audience, and a campaign to build global attention.

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Case Study


Working with a range of enterprise clients around Japan, we are proud to call companies like Taiheiyo Club, Coca-Cola East Japan, AXA, Ralph Lauren and more our clients.

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Case Study

Before your run your next campaign, talk to us.

Or get started now.

Offering enterprise level support.

We offer a holistic digital marketing service to guide you through campaign preparations, agile content creation strategy, and prelaunch testing. We also provide content services.

Channel Definition

We ensure your core social mobile and digital channels are set up effectively, to fully reap the benefits of a well run campaign. We work with you to review assets and build on your existing foundations. Many digital channels that can be leveraged at very little cost can be an important part of a long-term audience building.

Content Strategy

Great content is at the heart of effective advertising and digital promotions. But before spending hard earned dollars it's critical to distinguish and measure which content executions generate leads, and which supports conversion. We prepare you to deploy an agile content creation and approval strategy that mitigates risk.

Campaign Goals

A critical component of preparing to launch your campaign is testing your message, your leads, and your conversion before launch, and before committing your entire budget. We make it easy for you to get actionable test results in a short period of time, and allow you to launch your campaign in incremental, successful, measured steps.

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Maikai K.K.

Working Office @ Koyamadai

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Meetings @ Tenoha Lab

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